The Food segment of our portfolio brings together a host of favourite household brands, some of which have been entrusted to our care for over half a century.



We have been inspiring the Mauritian people to “Eat Well, Live Well.” with the Ajinomoto brand since 1950. With over 100 years of history, the Ajinomoto Group is a Japanese multinational that has developed a range of flavour enhancers to bring the “essence of happiness” to people around the world.


Angel Brand is a leading and trusted cooking sauce and condiment company in Malaysia since 1945. We are the exclusive distributor in Mauritius of this leading international-class manufacturer since 2018. They are ISO 9001 certified and their halal sauces are made from only non-GMO ingredients to add fine taste to your meals.


Central Lechera Asturiana has different varieties designed for all consumers, with the flavour and properties of the best milk. We have been representing the Spanish manufacturer and distributor since March 2022, providing our customers with 100% natural cow’s milk, without any artificial additive that may alter their quality and taste.


The D-JACK brand brings you the best of traditional, quality Malaysian snacks since 1987. We have been distributing their range of snacks made from 100% pure potatoes since 2020. Satisfyingly savoury through a focus on the freshest ingredients, these crispy bites are a welcome sight in any snack bowl.


The delicious soft ginger candies from Gingerbon have been available on the Mauritian market since 2017. They are made from the finest ginger roots grown in the warm tropical highlands of Indonesia, without any preservatives or emulsifiers and gluten-free, providing a wide range of health benefits, including reduced risk of headaches and colds.


We have been supplying the Mauritian Market with Good Day’s 3-in-1 instant cappuccino and coffee since 2017. Made from especially selected and carefully roasted beans, these sachets from Indonesia burst with the familiar unique aroma and rich flavour of traditionally brewed coffee. They are easy to prepare by adding hot water and stirring, and you can enjoy a captivating coffee experience without any hassle anytime and anywhere.


Hamadaya’s naturally brewed soy sauce is a favourite among connoisseurs in Mauritius since 2020. This classic savoury condiment is a pure Japanese delight made from the same closely guarded, time-tested, two-century-old family recipe. Every drop is a careful blend of tradition, experience and the highest quality ingredients.


Herman Ketchup is manufactured using the freshest tomatoes, sourced from certified cultivators. This thick and smooth sauce with a high tomato paste content is made using a unique recipe to deliver a yummy taste. Imported from the United Arab Emirates since 2022, this gluten-free, halal-certified condiment is perfect to enhance your meal.


Produced by Indofood, the pioneer of instant noodles in Indonesia and a leading instant noodle manufacturer in the world, Indomie comes in many varieties. Made from carefully selected ingredients, the best quality flour and fresh spices from the natural resources of Indonesia, their unique and delicious flavour has achieved superior market success in Mauritius since 2009.


We hold exclusive distribution rights in Mauritius for the flavour-coated Koh-Kae peanuts and nuts since 2009. This cholesterol- and fat-free snack food brand from Thailand is perfect for every situation, whether at home, at work or while watching your favourite football match, on your own or with friends.


Made from fresh cow’s milk by a leading producer of dairy products in Spain, the Pascual brand has been committed to giving you the very best for over 50 years. We have been bringing the delicious taste of their yogurt and pudding ranges to the Mauritian market since 2021 to give you a daily source of delight.


Imported from Indonesia since 2017, Relaxa’s mint candy is made with high technology machinery that creates delicious taste and a unique texture in your mouth. The silky smooth texture and refreshing scent of mint candy produced by one of the country’s biggest manufacturers will give you a refreshing sensation.


We have been distributing Renata’s crispy and light biscuit crackers from Brazil since 2020. Made from unfermented wheat flour dough, they are perfect nutritious snacks any time of the day. The Renata cake mix made with Renata wheat flour will also makes your recipe much tastier.


We have been distributing the Samudra Lex cream crackers, sandwich cream biscuits and moist chocolate in Mauritius since 2017. Imported from Malaysia and made from the finest quality ingredients, they are filled with delicious cream and incredibly tasty. Perfect for a snack or teatime treat, each bite will leave you wanting for more!


Life is good with San Carlo’s gluten-free potato chips. Available in Mauritius since 2020, these premium quality snacks are an introduction to the Italian way of life. Founded in Milan in 1936, San Carlo represents more than 80 years of food family business, passion, entrepreneurship and innovation.


Fish sauce from Thailand since 2010.
The Squid brand from Thailand is well-known in Mauritius since 2010 as a delicious premium fish sauce with a nice and strong flavour. Naturally pressed from anchovy extract and sea salt, and fermented for 18 months, this high-quality product with no preservatives or added colours is ideal for stir-frying, marinating and dipping.


From tropical mango to a combination of cranberry and apple, The Jelly Bean Factory treats you to an explosion of tangy, zesty, sweet flavours. Their chewy fruit-flavoured and candy-inspired sweets contain no harmful E-numbers or unnecessary sugars. We have been championing their gourmet jelly beans from the Republic of Ireland since 2017 for a truly sensational taste experience.


From Malaysia since 1996.
Original, delicious and nutritious, Vico’s fortified chocolate malt drink supports your daily nutrition. Imported from Malaysia since 1996, it is appreciated for its high nutritional qualities and appealing aroma. Vico is master-blended from the finest cocoa and ingredients to make every gulp a perfect blend of goodness and tastiness.


Woh Hup Food celebrates a time-honoured tradition of fine sauce manufacturing. This Singapore-based food company specialises in manufacturing a wide range of sauces and condiments that bring the authentic taste of South-East Asia. We have been marketing their cooking sauces in Mauritius since 1995.


We have launched the Yesco brand of coffee and butterscotch candy in Mauritius in 2017. They are made from premium quality ingredients by one of Indonesia’s biggest confectionery businesses. These delightful snacks delivering irresistibly mouth-watering flavour can be enjoyed at any time.


Excelo stands as a key player in the Moroccan biscuit market, offering both quality and variety. Operating under Best Biscuits Maroc, a subsidiary of Anouar Invest, the brand produces an extensive range of chocolate confectionery biscuits, wafers and cakes, with flagship delights like Capri, Momo, Eyo’o and Top Cookies.


Britain’s favourite black tea, Yorkshire Tea is the pride of Taylors of Harrogate, a venerable Yorkshire family business established in 1886. With roots deeply embedded in the picturesque town of Harrogate, their commitment to fairness, flavour, and quality shines through in every sip. From meticulously tasting thousands of teas daily to fostering sustainable partnerships with tea gardens, they ensure excellence, both in taste and ethical practices, for generations to come.


Indulge in the delightful world of Yumiyo, where authentic goodness meets wholesome ingredients. Whether it’s butter or oat cookies, wheat or sandwich crackers, the Japanese brand offers the perfect snack for any occasion. Produced by InFood Asia, Yumiyo promises a delicious treat free from harmful cholesterol and trans fat, making it a guilt-free indulgence for everyone.


Sakura offers a selection of premium tuna products. Their range features tuna flakes and chunks in oil or brine/water, sourced from Thailand and manufactured by On-green Produces Co. Ltd. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12, they provide convenience, great taste, and nutritional benefits for every meal.

Our Drinks section has hand-picked a curated selection of renowned brands to quench the thirst of the people of Mauritius.